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Helping kids grow by Leaps and Bounds

Sensory, Motor, Emotional Regulation, Play

Speech Therapy Now Available

Welcome Kylie to the Leaps and Bounds Team!

Updated information coming soon!

Occupational Therapy Services

In recognition of our individual skills and ability to provide the best care we can, we currently initiate services for children up to 7 years of age

Individual Therapy

Private sessions provide your child specialized attention to support areas of growth in sensory, emotional regulation, motor skills, attention, and social awareness.

We also offer in home, community, preschool, or virtual therapy and consultation sessions for parents and caregiver.

Sensory and Social Play Groups*

Messy or Meticulous- let your child explore their senses in a supportive environment focused on providing development in the early stages of self regulation, sensory processing, and developing the ability to process the world they live in. Along the way, they will learn how to make friends, take turns, and interact with peers with cognitive and pragmatic awareness

Home, School and Community Support*

Does your child seem to only show certain challenges at home? Are they struggling in their school or community program? Would their teachers benefit from some extra support or tips and tricks to help make your child's day successful?  We can help assess those challenges that are harder to see in a clinic setting.

*For children 3-7 years of age who have attended individual sessions for at least 3 months*

Why Occupational Therapy

Daily Living and Play is a child's "Occupation"

Whether your child struggles with texture or touch, easily distracted, clumsy, or seems like a never-ending ball of energy- we're here to help!  

OT supports a myriad of areas, from sensory processing disorders, emotional and behavioral regulation, attention and cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills to support your child's success in everyday living!

Eating Watermelon
Upside Down

Insurance Accepted

Contact us if you are unsure of your benefits

In Network with

Regence/Blue Cross/Blue Shield

First Choice Health

Kaiser Permanente Health Plan Options/PPO through First Choice


Out of Network:



Kaiser Permanente Core/Access/HMO

United Healthcare

Contact Us

Scheduling by Appointment Only for Children 7 years and under

Preferred Therapy Times

Thanks for contacting us! We will reach out to you in the next few days!

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