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Whether your child struggles with texture or touch, or seems like a never-ending ball of energy- we're here to help!  OT supports a myriad of areas, from sensory processing and regulation, to developing skills to make Pre-School and Kindergarten easy! Supporting a child's success with an ability to write, draw, use scissors and other tools, and cooperatively play with peers- OT can help make your child's development and learning fun!


Is your child full of energy but a bit clumsy?  Do they seem to move awkwardly compared to their friends?  Do they tire out quickly, preferring to sit out of activities or take breaks often?  We are here to support your child's gross motor, strength, balance, coordination, and ability to participate in daily movement with ease!  Clumsy, toe-walking, or "looks different" are all indicators that  therapy might be a great fit to help your child grow to their very best!

Occupational Therapy Services by appointment only.

Please contact us for more details.

Yellow Slime

Private sessions are a great way to offer your child specialized attention to support areas of growth in sensory, motor, attention, and social awareness.

Community visits/observations are available

Please contact us if your child is struggling with their preschool or community program.

Kids in Preschool

Messy or Meticulous- let your child explore their senses in a supportive environment focused on providing development in the early stages of self regulation, sensory processing, and developing the ability to process the world they live in. Along the way, they will learn how to make friends, take turns, and interact with peers with cognitive and pragmatic awareness!

Kids Drawing
  • Providing sessions for families with both in-person and virtual therapy sessions


    • Social Skills and Peer Playgroups for ages 3-7 years focusing on self-regulation and sensory strategies*

    • Children must have attended therapy for at least 3 months before enrolling in our group programs to allow us to best understand your child's needs

*For current clients only-if interested- please contact us to set up a consultation*

Check to see if your insurance is accepted.

*Services for children up to 7 years of age* 

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